Training Management

Flexible training management software that keeps you in control and in compliance


The Training Management software offered by Trackmedium QMS, helps you manage training tasks and related compliance requirements by automating and streamlining training processes. The software allows you to define training requirements, apply the requirements to users and schedule Training courses to cover these requirements.

The software automates routine tasks and eliminates wasted resources, time and money lost through inefficiencies in managing your company's training program using traditional methods such as spreadsheets. Hence helping you avoid unwanted events resulting from under-trained or untrained employees that could affect public brand identity, product quality, and lead to regulatory penalties.


  • Simplify training set up, assignment and scheduling

    Group users based on job titles, departments or facilities and simply assign and schedule training tasks to these groups of users.
  • Connected to Document Control

    Once a new procedure becomes effective, training tasks will be automatically launched and assigned to affected audience for them to acquaint themselves with the content of the new procedure. For revised procedures, you will have the ability to either launch new training tasks to the affected audience if the change was major, or to skip the training process if the change was minor.
  • Complete visibility into subordinates' training status

    Supervisors can track the progress of subordinates' up-to-date training status based on job titles, departments or facilities which will help them identify and address training gaps and deficiencies of their subordinates.
  • Employees' increased oversight to their own training status

    Employees can track their own training progress and be fully aware of training tasks they need to complete to carry out their duties.
  • Support for Self-Training

    Training requirements can be assigned in a format where training audience would be responsible for taking the training themselves. Additionally, a test can be given to measure audience's understanding of the linked training material.
  • Centralize Training Data

    Store your company's training records in one centralized secure system.
  • Exceed Compliance Requirements

    Facilitate compliance with training management requirements of global regulations and industry standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Avoid compliance related penalties and fines for having undertrained or untrained employees, and ensure 100% audit preparedness.
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly

    Access training records and even take tests from any location via your tablet or smart phone.

Connected Platform

Training Management software is part of Trackmedium QMS compliance platform allowing connectivity with other Trackmedium QMS modules (that control other quality processes) resulting in seamless quality management:

  • Document Control

    Training tasks are automatically launched to affected audience once a document becomes effective.

  • Training Management

    Training tasks are automatically launched to affected audience once an emergency plan becomes effective.

  • Emergency Response Plans


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