Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Reduce the risk of safety hazards in your food products by implementing an audit-ready HACCP software


Trackmedium QMS Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) module allows you to effectively handle all steps needed to develop a solid HACCP plan including the seven principles of HACCP.

After developing the plan; the module helps you collect monitoring, verification, deviation and corrective action information that is critical to maintaining a successful audit-ready HACCP system while serving as a basis for continuous food safety improvement which helps reduce the risk of safety hazards in food products.


  • Encompasses the Entire HACCP Plan Lifecycle

    Create Prerequisite Programs and HACCP Plans, track monitoring and verification procedures, and create CAPAs within one tool.
  • Connected to Training Management

    Ensure that all individuals involved in the HACCP system are properly trained to understand their role and can effectively fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Record Prerequisite Program

    Store all your prerequisite programs in one central system and reference these programs from your HACCP plans.
  • Record HACCP Team Information

    List your assembled team of internal and external individuals and their contact information.
  • Record Product Description

    Record information about the intended product including a list of ingredients, method of distribution, intended use and consumers.
  • Ability to Attach Flow Diagram

    Attach the flow diagram that outlines the steps involved in the intended process.
  • Conduct Hazard Analysis

    List potential biological, chemical or physical hazards and assign a severity and likelihood of occurrence for every hazard then define control measures to control these hazards.
  • Determine CCPs using CCP Decision Tree

    Use a standardized decision tree with a set of questions to determine CCPs.
  • Record CCP Critical Limits

    Record critical and operational limits for every CCP.
  • Record & Schedule CCP Monitoring Procedures

    Record monitoring procedures for every CCP and schedule and assign observations and measurements to members of your team to assess whether a CCP is under control. This produces accurate monitoring records that can be used in verification of the HACCP plan.
  • Record Corrective Actions

    Record corrective actions to implement when preventive measures fail.
  • Record & Schedule Verification Procedures

    Maintain an effective HACCP system by recording verification procedures for every CCP and schedule and assign these procedures to members of your team to evaluate whether the HACCP system is functioning according to the HACCP plan.
  • Satisfy Record Keeping Requirements

    Maintain audit-ready HACCP records including summary of the hazard analysis (with rationale for determining hazards and control measures), and summary of the HACCP plan that includes the steps, hazards critical limits, monitoring procedures, corrective actions and verification procedures.
  • Automated Revision Control

    Once the new revision of a plan becomes effective, access to the prior revision is restricted ensuring that only the latest approved versions of plans are being accessed and used across your company. Additionally, revision history shows information about every change including reason for change, approval date, approver, and the approver's signature.
  • Scheduled Regular Reviews

    Based on a pre-defined review frequency, Plans Owners will be automatically notified to review plans to determine whether these plans are still effective or need to be modified.
  • Manage Changes to Plans

    Manage and collaborate with users on requests for changing or obsoleting a plan within the software.
  • Ability to Customize

    Customize the built-in HACCP Plan form and workflow based on your specific company needs using our intuitive drag-and-drop designers.
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly

    Access and launch HACCP Plans, monitoring and verification records from any location via your tablet or smart phone.

Connected Platform

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) module is part of Trackmedium QMS compliance platform allowing connectivity with other Trackmedium QMS modules (that control other quality processes) resulting in seamless quality management:


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