Gage Management

Better manage your gage inventory and calibration activities


TRACKMEDIUM's Gage Management software allows you to manage your inventory of gages including issue and return tracking. The module also allows you to track and record certification and calibration activities whether done internally or externally.

The software allows you to better manage your gage management activities, minimize costs, lower risk of product recalls and ensure customer approval while maintaining compliance with international quality standards such as ISO and IATF.


  • Manage gage inventory

    Never lose a gage by tracking the issue and return of gages including issuing department and location.
  • Schedule gage calibration based on a frequency

    Define a calibration schedule for every gage based on a predefined frequency and Trackmedium will remind you when it is time to do the calibration.
  • Track calibration details

    Record and track all calibration details including calibration date, certified by, humidity, temperature, tests performed, and the overall result of the calibration.
  • Track history of all gage events

    Access a history of all events related to a gage including issue, return, calibration, and home location change.
  • Track cost of calibration

    Track the cost associated with calibration activities whether done internally or externally.
  • Be fully prepared for audits

    Choose from a variety of pre-built reports or easily configure unique reports to provide equipment lists, event histories, cost summaries, and more ensuring you are always prepared for internal and external audits.
  • Reminders for scheduled calibration

    Never miss a scheduled calibration activity with Trackmedium’s automated email reminders. Escalating email notifications are sent if activities are not completed on time
  • Ability to mass upload existing gage data

    When upgrading to Trackmedium from another software module, our Data Services team will help you import your existing gage-related data.
  • Exceed Compliance Requirement

    Facilitate compliance with monitoring and measuring resources’ requirements of global regulations and industry standards including ISO 9001 and IATF 16949:2016.
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly

    Access and create gage profiles and calibration records from any location via your tablet or smart phone.

Connected Platform

Gage Management module is part of TRACKMEDIUM's compliance platform allowing connectivity with other TRACKMEDIUM modules (that control other quality processes) resulting in seamless quality management


TRACKMEDIUM is a cloud-based Quality Management System (QMS) software with a subscription-based service that is available under the following plan:

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